Temple of Flesh



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Macabre Omen: The Perfect Sound of Gods at War

For more than two decades, Macabre Omen have carved out their own noble path through the annals of underground, solidifying themselves firmly in the Black Metal pantheon. Speaking with Alexandros Antoniou, “The One” behind Macabre Omen, we dig deep into the ancient past to see what eternal wisdom can be unearthed…

Injekting Khaos: The Final Deathrattle

Injekting Khaos are, or more appropriately, were, one of those rare species of extreme bands that seldom rear their ugly heads in the underground. On the eve of the posthumous release of their latest self-titled mini album, we catch up with Injekting Khaos’ chief songwriter and axe-wielder to exhume and examine the remains.